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Weird Cuture Project

Weird Cuture Project - Gluttonists Gina Selim Caasi...

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Gluttonists Gina Selim Caasi Nakasone Kelsey Jans Samantha Casey Raz Tadeo Creation Story: Before Jabba the Hut, we were the starvists. There was no food, it was hard to get, and hard to grow. We were only able to eat one meal a day. One day a spaceship crashed and our new leader had arrived. It was Jabba the Hut and he had taken over our culture. The skies began to rain and we were able to grow crops. He soon provided us with food so that we would be able to eat at least 5 or 6 times a day and maybe even more. Food soon became an obsession with our culture. We were forced to learn about agriculture and recipes, and the culinary arts as well as taking on new values, customs, and traditions from the almighty Jabba the Hut. Our costume represents the nobility class. It is the day to day wear of a Gluttonist. It demonstrates the status of the Gluttonist in society by what foods are put on the costume. Our culture is the Gluttonists, and judging by our name I’m sure you could imagine that people in our culture our big. Our main value in our culture is food. Everything in the culture is based around food. So needless to say our costume is primarily made with food. Food of all types, from sweets to salty snacks to granola bars, all kinds of food can be found on our costume. Crest: Colors-red/gold since it demonstrates royal status in society 4 squares- 1. Sausage 2. Pasta /rice
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3. Asparagus 4. Reeses Each family’s crest represents their family recipe. These are also the favorite foods of the family. The special meal made only by this group is presented annually at the altar of Jabba the hut. Our four boxes have the four ingredients utilized in our family recipe. The crest is placed by the belly button to encourage good digestion as well as fertility for women. Values: 1. Gluttony- this value was selected since our culture is obsessed with eating any food they desire without worry of over consumption. 2. Experience regarding different kinds of foods, tastes- this value was selected to enjoy food to its fullest potential, a person has to be willing to try different things. 3. Physical beauty of voluptuous shape- the more you eat, the fatter you get. Generally populations believe that a voluptuous shape represents fertility. 4. Extroverted- our culture is based on pleasing oneself to the fullest. 5. Open Mindedness/ Fearless/ Inventive (to other cultures/ different kinds of food) .- all of these attributes are connected to our cultures desire to experience food in every different way possible. Customs: Most of the customs of the Gluttonists are based around the dining table. The Gluttonists do not use utensils and dive into their food with hands and mouths. They slowly savor each bite of the meal. As well, the table is usually covered with a variety of different genres of food and lots of alcohol to accentuate the flavors of the meal. Each family plays loud, happy music during dinner and talks about events that have happened during the day ( at school, work, etc.)
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Weird Cuture Project - Gluttonists Gina Selim Caasi...

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