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Fire_fighting_pump_example - Example Fire-Fighting Pump...

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Example – Fire-Fighting Pump Given : A self-priming pump is used to draw water from a lake and shoot it through a nozzle, as sketched. The diameter of the pump inlet is D 1 = 12.0 cm. The diameter of the nozzle outlet is D 2 = 2.54 cm, and the average velocity at the nozzle outlet is V 2 = 65.8 m/s. The pump efficiency is 80%. The vertical distances are z 1 = 1.00 m and z 2 = 2.00 m. The irreversible head losses in the piping system (not counting inefficiencies associated with the pump itself) are estimated as h L = 4.50 m of equivalent water column height. Note : Later on, in Chapter 8, you will learn how to calculate the irreversible head losses associated with piping systems on your own. For now, it is given. V 2 Pump D 2 Input shaft power ω V 2 D 1 z 1 z 2 θ (a) To do : Calculate the volume flow rate of the water in units of m 3 /hr and gallons per minute (gpm).
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