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Due: In class, Friday October 28, 2005 Name(s) (up to three students per homework set) : 1. 2. 3. For instructor or TA use only: Problem Score Points 1 15 2 15 3 15 4 25 5 15 6 15 ME 33 Fall Semester, 2005 Homework Set # 7 Professor J. M. Cimbala Total: 100 h V D L D R Pitot-static probe 1 . (15 pts) Charlie inserts a Pitot-static probe into a flow of water to measure the velocity. He uses vertical plastic tubes to measure the two pressures as equivalent column heights. Unfortunately, Charlie does not take into account the capillary effect, and uses two different diameter tubes. The inner diameter of the left tube is D L = 10.0 mm, but that of the right tube is D R = 3.0 mm. The difference in water column heights, as sketched, is h = 22.0 cm. ( a ) Calculate the apparent water velocity (neglecting capillary effects). ( b ) Calculate the actual water velocity (taking into account the capillary effect on the small tube only ), and the percentage error of the apparent velocity of Part (a). The water is at
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