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Due: In class, Friday September 23, 2005 Name(s) (up to three students per homework set) : 1. 2. 3. For instructor or TA use only: Problem Score Points 1 10 2 15 3 10 4 15 5 15 6 10 7 15 8 10 ME 33 Fall Semester, 2005 Homework Set # 3 Professor J. M. Cimbala Total: 100 1 . (10 pts) Text Problem 2.63 . (a) Do the problem as stated. Additional Part : (b) If the tree were 10.0 m tall, how small do the tubes need to be in order to draw water and nutrients all the way to the top leaves of the tree? (Give answer in mm.) Fluid: ρ , µ ω Rotating inner cylinder Stationary outer cylinder R o R i 2 . (15 pts) A rotating viscometer consists of two concentric cylinders – an inner cylinder of radius R i rotating at angular velocity , and a stationary outer cylinder of radius R o . In the tiny gap between the two cylinders is the fluid whose viscosity ( ) is to be measured. The length of the cylinders (into the page in the sketch) is L . The torque (T) required to rotate the inner cylinder at constant speed is measured.
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