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NOTE: These problems were closed-book, closed-notes, no calculator, but an equation sheet was provided 1 . Some true/false problems. Circle T or F (1 point each, no partial credit ): T F The vapor pressure P v of a pure substance is equal to the saturation pressure P sat of the liquid ( P v = P sat ). T F The primary dimensions of surface tension σ s are the same as the primary dimensions of acceleration . T F In certain situations, the irreversible head loss term in the energy equation can be negative . T F A barometer can be used to measure the difference in pressure between two locations in a fluid flow. T F If the center of gravity of a submerged body is directly below the center of buoyancy of the body, it is stable. T F In steady flow, streamlines , streaklines , and timelines are coincident (i.e., they lie on the same curves). 2 . Some multiple choice problems. Circle the most correct response (3 points each, no partial credit ): h Air, ρ air Liquid, ρ P atm 1 2 D A small diameter tube is inserted into a tank of liquid as sketched. The liquid rises in the tube
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