sexual harassment and men

sexual harassment and men - Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice Jans...

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Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice Jans Professor Barbera Estermann English 104 November 18,2006 Sexual Harassment and Men Sexual harassment is usually seen as mainly affecting women. However, sexual harassment, in fact, affects the lives of men every day. Men endure foul language, obscene sexual gestures, crude jokes, and touching, just as women do. Yet, men don’t necessarily speak out. It is obvious why people have become complacent about men’s confrontations with sexual harassment. It is not that people simply don’t care; it is because of a man’s fear of speaking out. The problem is that in the workplace, men deal with emotional and psychological problems due to sexual harassment. The problems or effects can take form in the different types of harassment, the fear of losing masculinity, and sometimes men can feel unsure whether they had been sexually harassed. Men are afraid to speak out because of the fear of losing the masculine “tough guy” persona or image. Berdahl, Magley, and Waldo state in their article that “The sexual Harassment of men?” state that “In fact, several men offered that they had never witnessed or even heard of a man being sexually harassed.”( 542) This shows us that most men believe that the issue cannot possibly take place unless it is heard of . Men also do not want to admit that they have heard of a man being sexually harassed because of
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Jans 2 the masculinity issue. It seems as though men also believe that their distress could be viewed as a joke. Some men might even brush off comments such as the one’s in Berdahl, Magley, and Waldo’s study. One of the men in Berdahl, Magley, and Waldo’s study stated that “You men are all alike,” “Men only have one thing on their minds.” (540) Men could ignore comments such as the one shown in Berdahl, Magley’ and Waldo’s “The Sexual Harassment of Men?” because could possibly be viewed as a joke by some men. However, because of the issue of masculinity, men believe that if they speak out about a confrontation with sexual harassment, they would be viewed as weak. When a man is viewed as weak, this could cause a man to feel insecure about himself and could cause him to have emotional and psychological problems in the future such as depression, insecurity, and possibly hate of the gender that he was harassed by. Jacqueline Gilbert states that “Other job related consequences of sexual harassment
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sexual harassment and men - Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice Jans...

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