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Take-Home Experiment: Pump Performance List of Equipment : bucket tape measure aquarium pump, model UP-110 4-ft section of tubing, ½-inch inner diameter measuring cup extension cord with on/off switch some kind of timer (stopwatch, wristwatch, cell phone timer, etc.) Note : If you do not have a timer, you can sign one out from the Instrument Room separately. Educational Objective : To more fully understand and appreciate the pump performance curve, i.e., pump head as a function of pump capacity (volume flow rate through the pump). Procedure : 1. Fill the bucket about half-full with water. 2. Make sure that the tubing is attached securely to the outlet of the pump. 3. Make sure that the valve on the pump is fully open, i.e., pointing horizontally . 4. Submerse the pump in the water, with its suction feet attached to the bottom of the bucket. Caution : At no time should the power cord plug be submerged. For safety, it is best to conduct the experiment using a
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