CS1371%20Lab1 - CS1371 Lab1 Due Date: Sunday September 30,...

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CS1371 Lab1 Due Date: Sunday September 30, 2007 11:45 PM. You have a 6 hour grace period until 6:00 AM the following day during which you may still turn in the assignment. Objectives This lab is meant to be mostly for reference. You will install the software tools that you'll be using later on in the course, and later labs will build on the knowledge you've learned here. In this lab you will: o Learn what a GT account is, and why you need one. o Learn how to setup your GT account. o Learn information security basics. o Learn how to use WinSCP to transfer files. o Learn how to use SSH so you can get to your account o Learn how to post to the Forums using T-Square o Learn netiquette NOTE: All software for this lab can be downloaded from OIT's software distribution page at http://www.oit.gatech.edu/students/software_distribution/ Point Breakdown o Posting on the Forums (details later) : 30 points o Email sent to your TA using your GT account: 30 points o Netiquette Questions: 40 points Cluster Locations If, for whatever reason, you find yourself unable to work on your assignments from your room, there are several public computer clusters from which you can access the applications required to complete your assignment. These clusters are located primarily around the center of campus: o Student Center 2 nd floor – This general purpose lab is located in the Student Center. The general mission of the lab is to give students access to the latest equipment and software to help students with their studies. o Library 1 st Floor West and East Commons – This cluster has many brand new Windows XP, Mac OSX, and multimedia systems. It is located on the main floor of the Library. o Your major’s department computer lab – There should be a computer lab in most of the buildings designated for a certain major. These computers should have the adequate software available to complete this lab.
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What is a GT account? A GT account (sometimes called a prismID) is a UNIX account issued to you by OIT (Office of Information Technology) when you enroll in Georgia Tech. It is also your email username (or login). Once you receive your GT account, you will need to create a new password at https://passport.gatech.edu . This can be done at the OIT help desk in the Main Library or from any browser. Why do I need a GT account? This account provides access to the campus network and a username to log into Spectrum email, BuzzPort, Prism services, the wireless network, and many additional online resources and services. You will need your GT account to access these resources. In addition, your Georgia Tech email account is the primary method that the Institute uses for communicating with students. The Institute expects all students to check this email regularly or forward it to a preferred account. How to activate your GT account
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CS1371%20Lab1 - CS1371 Lab1 Due Date: Sunday September 30,...

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