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CGM/2005 Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo Module 1 Competency-Based Assignment – Identifying Career Building Opportunities Sample Answer To demonstrate that a career is a life-long learning adventure, we’ve asked Professor MacGregor to provide sample answers for this assignment. Reflecting back, on what I learned from my first co-op job … My first co-op job was with the Road Safety Branch of Transportation Canada in Ottawa. I worked on the 27 th floor of Place de Ville – with a window office that looked out over the Gatineau Hills. (None of my full time jobs have offered a view that comes close to the sunsets I could watch from my desk on the many nights that I worked late.) I was the first non-engineering co-op student RS Branch had hired; and I believed I was hired because of my proficiency with applied statistics (I found out many years later from my former supervisor that I was hired over senior students because I said I would be willing to playing on the office softball team – which I did). Since I was going to be working in a research unit, I thought that the main career building skill I would learn would be programming skills for carrying out statistical analyses (no windows interface back then; all programs done in C-based code). I spent many hours using a teletype terminal typing in the code to create and run the programs on the mainframe, and then running down 10 flights of stairs to pick up my printouts. The walk back up was good exercise and gave me time to figure out where the bugs were in my code. While I certainly developed my computing and applied statistics skills, thinking back on the impact skills have had on my career paths, I think I gained the most from exposure to the power of networking through office activities (e.g. playing on the unit softball team, attending office functions, going for lunch with colleagues). By getting to know my colleagues better, I learned ways to put
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PDENG25_M1__Sample_Response__pdf - Module 1...

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