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Unformatted text preview: PDENG 25 Module 2 Assignment Module 2: Competency-Based Assignment Assessing Project-based Situations of Concern (Major Assignment) Expected Time to Draft Answer: 40-60 minutes Expected Time to Refine Answer: 45-60 minutes (Total Time 85-120 minutes) Expected Length of Submission: 3-5 pages Skills to be assessed: A fundamental skill to any needs assessment is the ability to understand and communicate the complexities of a situation of concern. This assignment provides an opportunity to apply a specific technique to the analysis of a project-related situation of concern, and receive feedback on your ability to communicate your insight and analytical skills using a set format. A Few Things of Importance relating to Module 2: Assignments 3-8 may ask you to look at the situation you describe in this assignment Marks for the Module 2 assignment will not be released before the Module 3 assignment is due Feedback from the Module 2 assignment is not necessary to complete Module 3 Peer Review Opportunity: Needs assessment is something best done with input from others. For this assignment, you are expected to draft your answer yourself. However, you can ask a friend or co-worker to look it over to see if they can make sense of it. You must acknowledge any input or help you receive. If it is not convenient for you to find a peer reviewer, feel free to connect with a classmate. (It is also ok to not use a peer reviewer.) Assignment: Assessment of a Past Project Situation 1. Describe the situation of concern associated with your first work report, a previous workplace project, or a design project as part of a school course or event. (Proviso: You may use your first work report topic provided you did not write a confidential work report, and you can do the assignment without breaching confidentiality agreements.) Remember to sanitize your response. 2. Draft a Preliminary Situation Impact (Problem) Statement using a single statement format. 3. Create a Situation of Concern Chart o It must include the five components (people, processes, artefacts, environments, and resources) o It must include at least 1 fact for each category o It must include at least 1 assumption for each category Created: Winter 2005 Last Modified: April 28, 2008 2005-2008 1 Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo CGM/SH/JRS/JG/MP/AP v. 3.0 PDENG 25 Module 2 Assignment o Requirements and constraints are not required in your chart for this assignment, however, if you choose to include them, be certain to clearly differentiate them (ie., separate facts, assumptions, requirements and constraints in your chart) 4. Create a Revised Situation Impact Statement with at least one caveat for each of the five components of the Situation of Concern Chart (people, process etc.) For every caveat, state whether requirements and constraints were included. For example: Requirements and constraints were included for this caveat Requirements and constraints were not included for this caveat Be careful when wording your caveats to ensure that negative impacts to avoid or observable or measurable objectives are not incorrectly worded as requirements or constraints. Refer to Module 2.12 for further clarification. Note that failing to properly use the requirements and constraints statement will result in a Presubmission checklist failure and your assignment will not be graded. 5. Reflection: Apply your critical analysis skills in relation to the "Situation of Concern" technique by discussing the following questions. Make sure to cite the module content in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the content. a. What is the purpose of conducting a Needs Assessment Process? b. After completing the Needs Assessment Process, you will have a documented Refined Impact Statement and list of caveats. What practical role can this documentation play in the workplace? c. Now that you have had an opportunity to reflect and think back to a past situation of concern using the Situation of Concern technique, what knowledge, skills or changes in attitude have you gained about formal needs assessments? Explain by relating directly to your personal experience. d. Explain the difference between requirements/constraints and objectives as parts of caveats. Why were you asked to specifically mention whether or not requirements or constraints were considered for your caveats? Created: Winter 2005 Last Modified: April 28, 2008 2005-2008 2 Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo CGM/SH/JRS/JG/MP/AP v. 3.0 PDENG 25 Module 2 Assignment Important Note: If you are planning on submitting assignments (in whole or in part), that were submitted in a previous offering of a PDENG course, please contact your assigned mentor and await their reply BEFORE doing so. Assignment extensions will not be given based upon awaiting a reply to such inquiries, so it is recommended that you contact your mentor at least two business days before the assignment due date. Pre-submission Checklist If you wish your submission to be graded, please make sure that you have met the following mandatory specifications before handing in your submission: Included your Full Name, UW User_ID and Student # in the submission. Eg.: Joe Smith, jsmith, 99999999. Included the relevant acknowledgment statement (as specified below). Ensured that the file type (doc / rtf / txt) and file name (as specified below) is correct. Attempted every section of the assignment, keeping word / page limit in mind. Edited any unprofessional comments and / or arguments in the assignment. If you are handing in a Late Submission you have submitted a Request for Extension or Accommodation relevant to this assignment prior to submission of the assignment. Submitted the assignment response with a complete understanding of UW Policy 71 Student Academic Discipline Policy. Required Filename Format: "<UWID>_<Assignment Code>.<Format>" o ex: j45doe_A2_8.doc ASSIGNMENT-SPECIFIC Requirements and constraints statements included properly General Assignment Submission Instructions Please see the sections of the PDEng Guide on "Pre-conditions for Accepting PDENG Course Assignment Submissions" and "Common Feedback Provided on PDENG Assignments" Include the following statements at the beginning of your assignment (whichever is most applicable): "This assignment was completed by my own efforts and I did not collaborate with any other person for ideas or answers." "This assignment was completed by my own efforts. I would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following individuals with whom I discussed this assignment..." followed by a list of names of individuals you had discussed the assignment with or otherwise collaborated with. Include your relationship to the individual in brackets after the name [e.g. ... S. Jones (Classmate) and J. Smith (Employer)] Created: Winter 2005 Last Modified: April 28, 2008 2005-2008 3 Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo CGM/SH/JRS/JG/MP/AP v. 3.0 PDENG 25 Module 2 Assignment As stated in the PDEng Guide, the feedback provided for your submission can be at a Basic Level or at an Advanced Level. At the Basic Level, only the weaknesses in your response will be identified and highlighted. At the Advanced Level, strengths of your submission will be identified, and suggestions for improving strong responses will be given. If you would like an Advanced Level of feedback, please include the following statement at the beginning of your submission: o "I wish to receive comments regarding areas of strength and things to avoid on future assignment submissions that are not being specifically assessed in this assignment." Go to the drop box and submit your answer as an attachment. Resubmissions should be submitted into the normal / regular drop box (unless the resubmission is late). Created: Winter 2005 Last Modified: April 28, 2008 2005-2008 4 Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo CGM/SH/JRS/JG/MP/AP v. 3.0 ...
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