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Workshop 10-18

Workshop 10-18 - of myself I felt like I should come to...

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Workshop 10/18 “The rise in Reported Incidents of workplace sexual harassment” I have been harassed sexually at school and at work. During class one time, one of the boys decided that he would slap my butt. He said remarks to me which I believe are rude. “Nice ass.”,etc. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I talked to my teacher and told him what had happened. The next day, we had a meeting after class about the boy’s actions. The boy was almost suspended from school. This experience startled me and I had a greater view on what sexual harassment really was. Another time I was working at an Italian restaurant and I worked in the back. The cooks would always call me perverted names in Spanish. (If I hadn’t of known Spanish then maybe this wouldn’t have been a problem, although they made sexual gestures.) They would also talk about me in a sexual manner. It was disgusting and I felt ashamed
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Unformatted text preview: of myself. I felt like I should come to work everyday with a bag on over the top of my head. I believe that women are supposedly sexually harassed more than men ( or so it seems). Particularly because women tend to speak out more about sexual harassment than men. I know that some men are sexually harassed but it seems like the majority are women. The sexual harassment policies are the same at our college as anywhere else. Absolutely no language that implies sexuality or that can make one feel uncomfortable about oneself. There is absolutely no touching in a sexual manner as well. Noticeably, sexual harassment is still an issue that needs to be recognized by our society. I don’t think that enough people are aware about this issue particularly because they do not know the full definition of what it is even though they have heard about it....
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