Practice Midterm - Linguistics 1A03 Mid-Term Test 1 What...

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Unformatted text preview: Linguistics 1A03 Mid-Term Test 1) What are these titles? (10 marks) [hri pVYcr n c fclYscfcrz ston] [ben wt lajk bekcm] [maj bwg ft grik wewt] [lYst wn trnslebn] [tVaytVnwk] [c pVcsajdcn cdventcr] [sliplcs wn siycl] [c fren t leftVencnts wcmcn] [c tVcrmwnecr] [kVt pipcl] 2) Transcribe the following English words (30 marks): potentiality inquisition pathetic splurges extinction authorised judgmental rivalries landscape lookalike 3) Provide the phonetic symbol that corresponds to each of the following articulatory descriptions (5 marks): mid front tense vowel voiced alveopalatal affricate voiceless velar stop low central vowel voiced palatal approximant 4) Provide an articulatory description for the following phonetic symbols: [w] [tV] [t] [f] 5) Circle the sound that doesn't belong, and identify the phonetic feature(s) the other sounds share or the natural class to which they belong. Note: In some cases, more than one answer may be possible. (10 marks) t t h u aj p d w o aw t s j a ]j k v r ] i 6) Examine the phonetic transcription (representing a typical Canadian pronunciation) of the sentences below. Correct five transcription errors in the passage: [ c m]rnw ekspres blotVcd ww> psencrz slod tu c krYl / en lcrt f]rwcrd scnlw / cz o tc rcsum fl spid / c trenz brif dcsepcn oltcd wts rajdcrz / c bl cv humcns hw awt cv c d]rwaj dwstendcd perwlcsli / lajk c sop bbcl wts lwmwt ] Ordinary spelling: The morning express bloated with passengers slowed to a crawl, then lurched forward suddenly, as though to resume full speed. The train's brief deception jolted its riders. The bulge of humans hanging out of the doorway distended perilously, like a soap bubble at its limit. ...
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  • Winter '08
  • International Phonetic Alphabet, following phonetic symbols, lYst wn trænsle·bn, following articulatory descriptions, ðc fren t·, judgmental rivalries landscape

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Practice Midterm - Linguistics 1A03 Mid-Term Test 1 What...

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