LINGUISTICS Complete Consonant Chart


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Unformatted text preview: CONSONANTS STUDIED IN CLASS Manner of Articulation and Voicing LA BIA L b ilab ial PLACE OF ARTICULATION IN TERDEN TA L DEN TA L A LVEOLA R A LVEOPA LA TA L PA LA TA L VELA R U VU LA R GLOTTA L lab i o d e n t al STOPS v o i c e le ss v o ice d p b k $ f v m t d s z n k g x p FRICATIVES vo iceless vo iced vo iceless vo iced vo iced h AFFRICATES NASALS LIQUIDS lat er al R (r et r o f lex) f lap vo iced vo iced vo iced l r w t r ill vo iced / w GLIDES vo iceless vo iced j ...
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