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LINGUISTICS Common Phonetic Symbols - L ´ turned y rotated...

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Names for common phonetic characters character name source Y script a Roman alphabet (hand-written lower-case a) æ ash Old English orthography $ beta Greek alphabet ð eth Old English orthography c schwa Roman alphabet (rotated lower-case e); schwa is from Hebrew e epsilon Greek p gamma Greek alphabet ı eng modified Roman alphabet lower-case n ] open o modified Roman alphabet lower-case o esh modified s t-esh ligature ¥ yogh Old English orthography < Old Irish fi d-yogh ligature theta Greek alphabet upsilon approximately like Greek alphabet upsilon (
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Unformatted text preview: L ) ´ turned y rotated Roman alphabet lower-case y § glottal stop question mark with dot removed diacritics 4 ha ± ek (±mer. wedge) ha ± ek “little hook” is from Czech orthography @ umlaut German orthography -- ü S cedilla French orthography -- ç : tilde Spanish orthography -- ñ + length mark (colon) * asterisk--indicates ungrammatical/nonexistent forms/sentences--indicates reconstructed form (historical linguistics)...
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  • Winter '08
  • International Phonetic Alphabet, orthography Greek alphabet, orthography Roman alphabet, orthography German orthography, Old English orthography, Greek alphabet upsilon

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