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workshop 10-20

workshop 10-20 - 10/20 Analysis of"Serial Killers The most...

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10/20: Analysis of “Serial Killers” The most effective aspect of this essay were the sources and studies. It was interesting to read about the genetic makeup of a possible serial killer and how most serial killers share the same traits. The study that was done on lab animals with the amygdala, was very interesting particularly because scientists used electric impulses which caused the violent behavior in animals. Showing us that there is a possibility that some sort of electrical impulse could trigger a violent behavior with a person as well. “79 percent of known serial killers test positive for these waves”- this shows us that there is a possibility that serial killers could have a defect with the amygdale. It also states that 15 percent of the general population has extremely unusual brainwaves. This essay establishes the writer’s credibility because it further explains the causes and effects of violent behavior in a serial killer. The essay includes support such as statistics for each cause and effect presented. The author also goes on and talks about how there was a certain surgery which
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