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ME 33 – Fluid Flow, Fall Semester 2005 Detailed Outline, prepared by Professor John M. Cimbala I. Introduction (Chapters 1 and 2) A. What is Fluid Mechanics? 1. What is a fluid ? 2 . W h a t i s mechanics ? B. Classification of Fluid Flows 1. Viscous vs. inviscid 2. Internal vs. external 3. Compressible vs. Incompressible 4. Laminar vs. turbulent 5. Natural vs. forced 6. Steady vs. unsteady 7. One-, two-, or three-dimensional C. Dimensions and Units and Significant Digits 1. Dimensions 2. Units 3. Unity conversion ratios 4. Significant digits D. Fluid Properties 1. Kinematic properties 2. Thermodynamic properties 3. Other (miscellaneous) properties a. vapor pressure b. viscosity c. surface tension II. Pressure and Fluid Statics (Chapter 3) A. Pressure 1. Some basics 2. Dimensions and units B. Types of Pressure Measurement 1. Absolute pressure 2. Gage pressure 3. Vacuum pressure C. Equation of Fluid Statics 1. Body force (gravity) 2. Surface forces (pressure) 3. Hydrostatic pressure relation 4. Some “rules” to remember about hydrostatics D. Applications of Fluid Statics 1. Mercury barometer 2. “Head” as a pressure measurement 3. The U-tube manometer 4. Notes about manometry 5. Isobars E. Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Surfaces 1. Plane surfaces 2. Curved surfaces 3. Buoyancy and stability a. buoyancy b. stability F. Fluids in Rigid-Body Motion 1. Equations 2. Uniform linear acceleration 3. Rigid body rotation
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III. Fluid Kinematics (Chapter 4) A. Descriptions of Fluid Flow 1. Lagrangian description 2. Eulerian description 3. Acceleration field and material derivative B. Flow Patterns and Flow Visualization 1. Streamlines, pathlines, streaklines, and timelines a. streamline b. pathline c. streakline d. timeline 2. Other flow visualization techniques 3. Fluid flow plots a. profile plots b. vector plots c. contour plots C. Other Kinematic Descriptions 1. Motion and deformation of fluid particles
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outline - ME 33 Fluid Flow Fall Semester 2005 Detailed...

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