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A Quick Guide to FlowLab -by J. M. Cimbala, The Pennsylvania State University, April 2005 Introduction FlowLab may be described as a virtual fluids laboratory – a computer-based analysis and visualization package with which students solve predefined CFD exercises. These exercises facilitate the teaching of fluid mechanics and provide students with hands-on CFD experience, while avoiding many of the difficulties associated with learning a generalized CFD package. The goal of the FlowLab exercises is to expose students to both the capabilities and limitations of CFD, while reinforcing or furthering their knowledge of fluid mechanics. The exercises emphasize the proper application of CFD to engineering problems, rather than details about grid generation techniques, discretization schemes, CFD algorithms, or numerical stability. The primary advantage of using FlowLab in the classroom is that it is interactive . For each CFD template, students run the CFD solution from start to finish - generate the geometry (computational domain), generate the grid (mesh), choose parameters and/or models, run the iterations (converge to a solution), and post- process. While this approach is more challenging than simply post-processing previously run CFD solutions, FlowLab allows for CFD exercises to be set up such that the steps are easy to follow. Each template contains one or more variables that students adjust with each run. In this sense, the CFD exercise becomes analogous to a
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This note was uploaded on 07/23/2008 for the course ME 33 taught by Professor Cimbala during the Fall '05 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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Quick_Guide_to_FlowLab - A Quick Guide to FlowLab -by J. M....

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