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Examples of Liquids in Rigid Body Rotation 1. Liquid mercury mirrors . By rotating a container of mercury, a nice parabolic mirror can be generated without the need to grind or polish. Unfortunately, it can look only straight up. However, there is some discussion of creating similar mirrors in space – thrust can be used in place of gravity to produce the parabolic shape. Example: The Large Zenith Telescope in Canada: Photo from
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Unformatted text preview: . 2. Mirrors made from spinning molten glass in a furnace, and letting it harden in the paraboloid shape. Example: The 40-foot (12 meter) diameter spinning furnace used in casting 6.5 meter and 8.4 meter borosilicate glass "honeycomb" mirrors at the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, University of Arizona. Image from ....
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Liquids_in_rigid_body_rotation_examples -...

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