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google search - Fullerton Florists 3 www.1800flowers.com...

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Kelsey Jans IBM 301 Professor Vercillo Google Search: Roses Sponsored Link( Top link): 1. www.Proflowers.com : Pro Flowers- “Send Roses from $29.99” Three top companies which came up: 1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Rose Wikipedia - “Rose- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” 2. www.ars.org : ARS- “ Roses, American Rose Society, Growing Roses” 3. www.heirloomroses.com : Heirloom Roses “Roses, Rose Bushes, Rose Gardening, Rose Plants.” Paid Advertising (On the side): 1. www.autumnridgenursery.com : Autumn Ridge Nursery-“ Rose bushes from $8.95” 2. www.Bloomtime.com : Bloom Time-
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Unformatted text preview: Fullerton Florists 3. www.1800flowers.com : 1800 Flowers- “ Roses at 1-800 flowers ” I noticed while I searched for roses that some of the listings show areas close by where you can get roses or places where you can order roses. There was also a dictionary ( Wikipedia) showing where you could find the definition of roses. There was also an organization known as ARS which stands for the American Rose Society which helps rose growers informed about new products, as well as products that can help produce healthy roses....
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