CHAPTER 11 - CHAPTER 11 PERSONALITY Personality unique...

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CHAPTER 11: PERSONALITY Personality: unique patter of thoughts feelings and actions that make up a person Psychodynamic Approach o Personality which assumes that various unconsciousness determines our thoughts, feelings and behavior Psychic determinism: idea that personality and behavior determined by psychological factors Psychoanalysis: theory of personality and a way of treatment disorders o Structure of personality Id, Ego and Superego Id: basic instincts, desires and impulse in which all people are born Ego: mediates conflicts between and among demands of the id superego and real world Ego: organizing ways to get what a person wants in the world Life instincts: promote positive constructive behavior Death instincts are responsible for human aggression Pleasure principle: operated by the id, seeks immediate satisfaction Reality principle, operated by the ego, makes compromises as the id demands for immediate satisfaction Superego: tells one what they should not do Conflicts and Defenses Clashes among the id, ego and super ego are intrapsychici or psychodynamic conflicts Defense Mechanisms: unconscious tactics that protected one against anxiety o Stages of Personality Development Oral Stage: during ones first year of life, the mouth is ones ultimate pleasure Anal Stage: during the second year of life the pleasure shifts from
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CHAPTER 11 - CHAPTER 11 PERSONALITY Personality unique...

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