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Kristoffer S. Jacob The dreaded Mondays. No matter how hard I try to look forward to Mondays, my enthusiasm always seems to fail at the very last minutes of Sunday night. I usually regard Mondays as the end; the end of a mini-vacation, of good times, of carelessness, of freedom. As I set my alarm clock on my cell-phone, the thought of 5-whole days of a trite schedule inspires me to try to fight time. But alas, after so little distractions here and there, time can’t be forgotten. And I slowly admit defeat and settle on sleep and of waking up to a Monday. I don’t only hold at Mondays in disdain. Instead, I feel a sense of optimism at the very last minutes of Sundays. Aside from being the end, Mondays are also the beginning; the beginning of a new week. I also tend to enjoy my Monday schedule. Mondays are usually the only days I’m required to wake up before 12 noon. During the rest of the week, my earliest class is at 12:30 pm. During Mondays, however, I attend my macroeconomic GSI’s office hours from
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