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Wheelchair accessibility on campus - Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice...

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Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice Jans Professor B. Estermann English 104 11 October 2005 Wheelchair Accessibility on Campus During the initial days of my college career, I had no idea that I would have to walk as much as I do to my classes. It’s not just a regular walk to class. The walk is strenuous and there are steep hills which include many areas in which the surrounding trees have broken the concrete forcing the cement to crack. Sometimes I even trip on the areas of broken concrete. While tripping and stumbling on the fragmented concrete during the long walk to class, I assumed that my daily trek was ambitious although, I hadn’t realized how much of an advantage I had it until I read Shannon Long’s proposal “Wheelchair Hell”. Being restricted to a wheelchair can cause a person to encounter many difficulties, especially on a college campus. A wheelchair restricted person is not able to access some parts of campus that ambulatory people are ,is sometimes not able to attend some campus events, sometimes isn’t able to access some classes on campus, and sometimes is unable to use the different forms of transportation that are available on the college campus. Therefore, something must be done about the wheelchair accessibility on Cal Poly Pomona’s campus. After reading Shannon Long‘s proposal about wheelchair accessibility on campus, I started to notice how troublesome it is for people restricted to wheelchairs. Her proposal explained that on most college campus’s it is difficult for a wheelchair restricted person to access different areas of the campus. Shannon Long shows us that there is a serious
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Jans 2 accessibility problem for wheelchair-bound students on campus. Shannon’s essay showed me a more enigmatic world. She tells a story about her first week of college when she had to meet up with a friend and used the elevator. Shannon Long confronted the problem of not being able to reach the buttons in the elevator even though elevators are supposedly designed to help people who can’t walk up the stairs. Her story shows us an example of what wheelchair restricted people go through on a daily basis. They deal with obstacles that we don’t even acknowledge. Sarah Long writes: “Expecting the buttons to be down in front of me, I suddenly noticed that they were behind me—and too high for me to reach. There I was stuck in the elevator with no way to call for help. Finally, someone got on at the fourth floor. I’d been waiting fifteen minutes. (p.553) Learning about Shannon Long’s encounter, I began to analyze my college’s surroundings and my dorm. My dorm is absolutely horrible for a person who depends on a wheelchair. First of all, to get to some of the dorms there are only stairs and there are no elevators. A wheelchair restricted person is not able to navigate the dorms because there is no elevator. Not only is it laborious to get to the dorm, but for a person in a wheelchair, it would be problematic to even open a door. In order to access a dorm room, a person must put the key in the door and then
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Wheelchair accessibility on campus - Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice...

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