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Kristoffer S. Jacob Extra Credit # 3 Heart of Darkness : “Joseph Conrad’s classic, Heart of Darkness , follows Marlow’s experience as a ferry- boat captain assigned to go in the interior of Congo to transport ivory and Kurtz, a Belgian ivory trader, to the coast for transportation to Belgium. During the passage back to the coast, Kurtz dies. His last words, “The horror, the horror,” rightfully sums what was happening in the Congo around this time. While in the Congo, Kurtz involved himself in horrendous crimes against humanity all for the sake of profit; and his greed ultimately drove him insane. Marlow retells his connection with the dead Kurtz because inside he was also dead like Kurtz after he saw the inhumane treatment of Africans in the Congo: “And then they very nearly buried me.” Conrad’s
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Unformatted text preview: classic is one of favorite books because it vividly illustrates the great wrongs committed in the Congo by King Leopold II, who personally had sole rights over the Congo. Conrad’s personal experience in the Congo as a steamboat captain for a brief period of time greatly enhances the novel because it adds credibility to the issues discussed. The Heart of Darkness , and other works like it (such as those by William Sheppard) that discusses the cruelty occurring in Congo are important pieces of literature because it helped exposed and put an end to the great crimes of King Leopold II in Congo and to the needless murder of innocent human beings....
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