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Kristoffer S. Jacob Extra Credit # 1 Amistad : Steven Spielberg’s Amistad is the movie based on the infamous slave revolt that occurred on the slave ship of the same name. The movie centers on the dispute of who rightfully owns the slaves of the Amistad . The slaves were illegally captured off the coast of Nigeria, an area that was a major provider of slaves along with the Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, and the Congo. The most remarkable aspect of the movie is its depiction of how the slaves were treated during their Trans- Atlantic voyage. The journey is by all means horrendous: the slaves were forced to lay naked, crammed amongst each other in the underbelly of the ship with no protection from the weather or
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Unformatted text preview: each other’s body fluids or excrement. The film, however, was not without its flaws. The most obvious flaw of the movie was that at times, it was too “Hollywood,” particularly the ending where Cinque, with his Roman robe and scepter (just like Nathaniel Jocelyn’s famous portrait of Cinque), faces the sun rise while on a ship back to Africa. But overall, the film was historically accurate and depicted the slave trade justly: from the inhumane treatment of slaves during the shipment, to how slaves were viewed as properties rather than human, and to the handsome profit to be had in the slave trade....
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