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Lab3 - V Discussion The base levels of lactate were...

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Adriana N Rodriguez Oct 3, 2007 Th 11-12:30 KIN 325K Lab Reports I. Lab 3 – Lactate Threshold II. Purpose The purpose of this lab is to establish the VO 2 , work rate, ventilation rate, and heart rate at which point lactate begins to accumulate in the blood. III. Methods The subject will cycle on the Lode ergometer for 25 minutes as five different work rates corresponding to 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80% of estimated VO 2max . A small blood sample will be collected at the end of each stage and analyzed for lactate concentration using a YSI model 23L lactate analyzer. Metabolic data will be continuously monitored using a Physio-dyne Max-1 metabolic cart. Materials: Lode ergometer, needle, and lactate blood reader. IV. Results 1) At what heart rate, work rate, and VO 2 does LT occur in our subject? Hr 190bpm, Work rate 112watts, and VO 2 1909.6 mL/min 2) Based upon the LT graph, what VO 2 and work rate would you suggest our subject train at to maximize improvements in physical capacity? 30-70 Watts of work rate
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Unformatted text preview: V. Discussion The base levels of lactate were significantly elevated at 6.8mmol when an average presence of lactate is usually around 1mmol. This may have been due to subject walking from class to lab or from the excitement of being a subject on the test; after the second reading his plasma glucose normalized and started to gradually increase as the work rate increased. The experiment work rate level were based on the fact that the subject express Work Rate (Watts) HR (bpm) VO2 (mL/ min) Lactate (mmol) 0 92 6.8 36 124 1091.2 3.4 62 148 1364 5.0 87 169 1636.8 7.0 112 190 1909.6 8.6 137 205 2182.4 16.9 to be unfitted, and the results showed that the subject reached TL at 70% which proves the subject is fitted compared to the average population but not an elite athlete because most athletes reach LT at 80-85% VO 2, and even thou the subject approximated the desire values for a fitted person, his work rate was based on an unfitted person....
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Lab3 - V Discussion The base levels of lactate were...

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