evolution of psychology (class notes)

evolution of psychology (class notes) - Evolution Of...

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7/24/08 1:14 PM Defining Psychology What psychology is not: o Pop Psychology (movies, self-help books, hypnotism, paranormal, TV) What psychology is… o The scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior o Broadly speaking, we can divide psychology into two categories Research (the Science) Application (the profession) o Psychological research attempts to understand, explain, and predict behavior o Applied Psychology uses the findings of psychological research to solve practical problems o Aversion Therapy Thumb sucking + aversive stimulus = No more thumb sucking Origins of Psychology Before the appearance of psychology as an independent science, the study of the mind was approached from either philosophy or physiology o Relatively new science (late 1800’s/early 1900’s) Philosophical Roots o Philosophers had long been asking questions about the mind Mind-body problem Are mind and physical body the same or distinct entities? Monism: Same (Spinoza) Dualism: Distinct (Descartes) Nature vs. Nurture How much of an individuals behavior is related to innate qualities (nature) and how much is related to environmental factors (nurture)? Inborn ideas (Innatism) – mind is born with
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evolution of psychology (class notes) - Evolution Of...

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