Assignment 1-research summary

Assignment 1-research summary - Kelsey Jans BIO 301...

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Kelsey Jans BIO 301 Professor. Brum 1/21/08 Assignment #1: Long-Term Health Coorrelates of Timing of Sexual Debut: Results  From a National US Study American Journal of Public Health Theo G. M. Sandfort, PhD, Mark Orr, PhD, Jennifer S. Hirsch,  PhD, and John Santelli, MD, MPH A survey was conducted by Theo Sandfort and his colleagues at Columbia University to determine whether timing of sexual debut will correlate with long term health. They had examined research that was found in a 1996 cross-sectional survey of 8,466 adults. This information from this survey was compared with others. The survey provided results that proved that the early initiation of sexual intercourse can be associated with various sexual risk factors.
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Before the 1996 cross- sectional survey was taken, Theo and his colleges were aware that adolescents accounted for the highest age-specific proportion of unintended pregnancies, that high US divorce rate is associated with premarital sexual activity, and that by abstaining from sexual activity, there are psychological, social and health gains. The 1996 cross-sectional survey proved that various sexual risk factors associated with early initiation includes the increased number of sexual partners as well as an increased risk of having sexual intercourse under the influence. The study also
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Assignment 1-research summary - Kelsey Jans BIO 301...

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