HW9 - BIOE 398BS: Quantitative Human Systems Physiology...

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BIOE 398BS: Quantitative Human Systems Physiology Spring 2008 Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1 Matlab simulation on muscles: force-velocity relationship. Due: Friday April 4, 2008 at the beginning of class. Simulation of macroscopic force-velocity relationship For this simulation, we are going to simulate crossbridge cycles of a half-sarcomere that is contracting at a specified velocity. The muscle will be at rest ( v=0) at the beginning of the simulation. Then at time Tstart , the muscle will have v(t)=V , where V is 500 nm/s. This is a Monte Carlo simulation of the crossbridges in a half-sarcomere, meaning that we are randomly simulating a large number of crossbridges and looking at the resulting average force. We will look at how many elements need to be simulated, how well the simulated macroscopic behavior (force-velocity curve) matches the Hill model, and we will look at the effect of the modeling of the individual crossbridge force. Several questions are asked, please include a discussion of what was being simulated and the results of the simulation. On plots, please include labels and units – these are not provided in the Matlab functions and can be written on the plots after printing. Warning:
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HW9 - BIOE 398BS: Quantitative Human Systems Physiology...

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