HW5 - BIOE 398BS Quantitative Human Systems Physiology...

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BIOE 398BS: Quantitative Human Systems Physiology Spring 2008 Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1 Matlab simulation on circulatory system. Due: Feb. 22, 2008 at the beginning of class. Simulation of circulation In this simulation assignment, we will simulate pressure and flow in the arterial system in response to input from the left ventricle, using the models developed in class. We will simulate changes in aging and exercise on the pressures developed. We will also simulate a stenosis of the heart valves of the left ventricle. Several questions are asked, please include a discussion of what was being simulated and the results of the simulation. On plots, please include labels and units – these are not provided in the Matlab functions and can be written on the plots after printing. Warning: Steps in the simulation may rely on initial parameters found in these files. Keep track of changes and make copies of files to ensure that you are simulating the correct parameters. To perform the simulation, several Matlab functions (from the Hoppensteadt and Peskin text) can be downloaded on the course COMPASS web site. Systemic arterial only model: sa.m This is the main simulation function for simulating the model relationships and updating arterial pressure. in_sa.m This sets up the simulation parameters and initializes the variables. Changing the values in this file will result in changing simulation parameters, such as arterial compliance. Psa_new.m This function updates the arterial pressure using the current flow input and the old arterial pressure. QAo_now.m This function computes the input of flow to the systemic arteries through the aortic valve depending on the point in the cardiac cycle. Left-ventricle and arterial model:
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HW5 - BIOE 398BS Quantitative Human Systems Physiology...

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