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Kelsey Jans IBM 301 2/14/08 Segmentation and Targeting: Chanel Jewelry Chanel was found in Paris, France in 1909 by Coco Chanel. Chanel created revolutionary as well as unique products. Chanel jewelry is one of a kind and tends to be expensive because of its quality as well as uniqueness. The jewelry was featured in Harpers Bazarr in 1924 and was considered to be “one of the most revolutionary designs of our time.” Chanel is known for its haute couture fashion, handbags, shoes as well as the famous Chanel No.5 which was created in 1921 and is still a popular perfume today. The handbags start at around $1,500. Chanel is known to target the “high society” or upper class. Chanel items tend to be expensive since the products are very unique and are only made with high quality items. By wearing Chanel, it can demonstrate to others the placement of one person in society or one’s social status. The target market would most likely lean towards older women or wives of successful business men. I have also seen a majority of celebrities
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