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Kelsey Jans Bio 301 1/29/08 Five Valuable things learned from the presentation One of the most important things discussed was where to find help. The guest speakers talked about the services available at the stop violence office and that a person should be fully confident in their ability to help a friend. They also stated that you should show your friends where to find help and that it is ok to seek help. They also added that our campus is one of the only CSU campus’s that have these resources. Another thing that is important to know is that most rapes go unreported. About 9 out of 10 rapes are unreported. Most people are afraid to report a rape since they are afraid they will damage a persons reputation or hurt a person in any way. Some people also believe that it was their fault that they were raped in the first place. Many people are afraid to report since they are afraid that they will get hurt again. Another idea expressed by many people who have been raped was that some of these people think that the sexual
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