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Lecture15 notes - BIOL 5C General Information and Lecture...

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BIOL 5C General Information and Lecture 15 General information for the 2 nd half of BIOL 5C I will be teaching mainly with powerpoint slides and some writing on the electronic chalkboard (lecture outlines that show most of the slides I present in class will be available at the website at least 24 hours before each class). You are responsible for all the material I teach in class. The important concepts will be indicated on the powerpoint slides that I present, in anything I write on the board, and in the lecture notes that I post after lecture. In general, you are not responsible for any extra material that is in the readings I assign from Campbell. The only exception is the first lecture (see below) . Use the readings to better understand what I am going over in class. If you are feeling lost after going to class, taking notes, reviewing the notes I put at the ilearn blackboard site after class, reading the appropriate pages from Campbell, and thinking about things awhile, please come to my office hours for help. Don’t wait to ask for help and fall far behind. The material is cumulative , so mastering the vocabulary from one lecture will usually help you to understand the next lecture, the one after that, and so on. Missing class is not good for this reason; if you miss one lecture, the next lecture will be more difficult to understand, and so on… Reading Assignment - Campbell Chapter 22: pages 438-451 This is the only reading where you are responsible for getting the information directly from the textbook. I will likely ask 3-4 questions on this mostly historical information on the next midterm. You will need to be familiar with the following things from Chapter 22: 1. The historical context for evolutionary theory
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Lecture15 notes - BIOL 5C General Information and Lecture...

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