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USING AXIA’S EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES I consider myself blessed to be able to study in a distance-learning environment, and the Axia library offers students a wealth of information to make online learning easier. The Axia Library enhances the convenience in learning in a distance-learning environment with its various resources. Axia’s Library will be a critical resource of information in my future studies as Axia and I will take full advantage of its resources to provide critical analysis and as a reference source for backing up my own views for required subject matter. With the online Library at my fingertips, I do not have to waste precious time walking up and down a land-based Library isle to find the resources I need; the mere click of a mouse offers me a world of freedom to move around and not wear myself out. The information contained in Axia’s Library of multiple databases, also provide me with in-depth information by academically reviewed material as well as articles in mass circulation by non-academic authors. This may well be the most valuable source of information I use, and my continued effort to acquire my degree is firmly rooted at Axia. UPHOLDING ACADEMIC HONESTY I will always remain honest and true to myself and to the school, with integrity of my work as well as integrity for the hard work of others. This pledge is the most important motto I will carry with me on my journey throughout this program, and indeed throughout the remainder my life. This pledge forms a deep-seated mission in which I believe in so much
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