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Different Kinds of Messages CheckPoint

Different Kinds of Messages CheckPoint - Opposition and...

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Opposition and negative views regarding the Digi Fast service proposal is anticipated. Considering there is a limited budget to work with some may think the lunchroom/game room would be too expensive to produce. Others may think that there is potential for loss of focus as time and resources are devoted to the new service. Employees may become eager to spend time in the new space, losing site of company goals, creating a lack in productivity. Building codes will need to be addressed as to avoid any violations; especially overpopulating the space. Conveying a clear, organized and concise message will help to ensure that I convey the purpose of my message to the audience. Keeping them engaged and interested using the proper language and tone is also key. Encouraging enthusiasm and optimism about the service will generate a positive atmosphere. I will be prepared to answer all questions and address all concerns without dwelling on any opposition. Lastly, I will instill all positives of the service by highlighting the
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