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Unformatted text preview: Criminal Psychology Chapter 1 Talbot Kellogg Community College What is Forensic Psychology? Text Book Definition: Any application of ___________research, methods, theory, and practice to a task faced by the _____ system. State of Michigan's Definition: diagnostic services provided to the criminal justice system and psychiatric treatment for criminal defendants adjudicated incompetent to stand trial and/or acquitted by reason of insanity. Benefits for Michigan? Beyond a specialty designation Licensing & credentialing Reduces the "hired gun" influence Increases in validity and reliability Detriments? What is Criminal Psychology? Any application of ____________research, methods, theory, as it pertains to ___________. The scientific study of criminal behavior, ___________, and __________. "the branch of psychology which investigates the psychology of crime with particular reference to the personality factors of the criminal." History of Forensic/ Criminal Cesare Lombroso (1836 1909) Father of modern criminology. William Healy (1899) causes of juvenile delinquency. Grace M. Ferdinand (1909). Sigmund Freud (Late 1800 early 1900) "Experimental Psychology has reached a stage at which it seems natural and sound to give attention to its possible service for the practical needs of life." On the Witness Stand 1909 Hugo Mnsterberg Alfred Binet, Hermann Ebbinghaus, William Stern Where now? Values Whose? Psychology's Law Enforcement's Lawyer's Judge's Society's Tensions Stare Decisis v. innovation Adversarial v. advocate Prescriptive v. descriptive Absolutes v. probabilities Intuition/ Anecdotal v. empirical Truth Commonality? Psychology's Definition Legal Field's Definition Where Next? Issues of memory and eyewitness testimony. Determination of competence and responsibility. Expert witness Fitness for Duty Consultant Researcher Criminal Profiling Mediator/ Negotiator ...
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