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Criminal Psychology - Chapter 6 se

Criminal Psychology - Chapter 6 se - Criminal Psychology...

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Unformatted text preview: Criminal Psychology Chapter 6 Dangerousness to Risk Assessment Talbot Kellogg Community College Risk Assessment - Dangerousness The process of : Dangerousness Statistical measures and correlations. Dangerousness as a ___________ variable. What is it? Risk Assessment - Violence Violence Defined? Force/ Energy Types of violence Continuum Tools for Risk Assessment Risk Assessment - Violence Psychopathy Checklist Revised Violence Risk Appraisal Guide Rapid Risk Assessment of Sexual Recidivism Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide JACA Principle Risk Assessment Elements of Prediction Why do it? Makes a prediction of an individual's future acts. How do we do it? JACA Intuition What if you don't have the information to perform a standardized risk assessment? Fear standard Intuition Why is it not used? Why and when might it be encouraged? ...
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