Criminal Psychology - Chapter 2 se

Criminal Psychology - Chapter 2 se - Criminal Psychology...

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Unformatted text preview: Criminal Psychology Chapter 2 Talbot Kellogg Community College The Roles of Forensic Psychology Forensic and NonForensic Evaluation Researcher & Presenter of Psychology (courts and legislatures) Consultant to Law Enforcement Trial Consultant Expert Witness Evaluation Neurology Psychopathology Forensic Evaluation Researcher and Presenter Ethical constraints Amicus Curiae Briefs Sciencetranslation Briefs Death Qualified Juries Should scientists recommend application of their research? Consultant to Law Enforcement What type of consultations? Counseling for deputies and families. Fitness for duty. Training Investigations Interviews Ethical Considerations? Trial Consultant State Licensure Issues Ethical Considerations Make my witness more credible. Incompatible purposes and goals. Expert Witness Fact Witness v. Expert Witness Topics for Expert Witnesses Ethical Concerns ...
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