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ME180 Lab Final Project Spring 2008 Project: Organize into groups of 4 students each (from same lab section. Some groups may need to consist of 3 members). Disassemble physical product assembly given to each group and determine approximate dimensions for each component. Freehand sketch each component. Model each component of the assembly. Create fully assembled and exploded assembly files of the product. Formally present your work to your lab section in a 5 to 6 minute presentation. Final Project Presentation Schedule: Lab sections 2, and 3 – Tuesday, April 15 th Lab sections 4, 5, and 6 – Wednesday, April 16 th Lab section 1, -- Thursday, April 17
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Unformatted text preview: th Presentations: The group will display and discuss their assembly and exploded view files. Each team member will display a single component they modeled and discuss the modeling techniques used. Grading (100 points): 15 points – Return of project assembled and functioning 20 points – Freehand sketches of components 25 points – Project presentation 40 points – Assembly modeling Group Peer Grading: Each group member will grade other members’ contributions to the project. Peer reviews may lower an individual’s project grade by as much as 25 points but may not raise it....
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