Quiz4 - h = m q h in av, a out out av, + &...

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Fall 2007 1 ME 416 Computer Assisted Design of Thermal Systems Quiz #4 Closed Book, Closed Notes A cooling coil is used to take air at 0.06 kg of dry air per second, 31 ° C, and 70% relative humidity and cool it to 18 ° C. What are the heat transfer rate required (in kJ) and the amount of water that must be drained away (in gm/s)? You may assume that the liquid water leaving has an enthalpy of 85 kJ/kg of liquid water.
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ME 416 CAD of Thermal Systems Fall 2007 2 Useful Equations For a cooling coil without condensation Conservation of water: = in out ϖ ϖ Conservation of energy:
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Unformatted text preview: h = m q h in av, a out out av, + & & For a cooling coil with condensation Conservation of water: = m m in air out , out + & & l Conservation of energy: ( 29 h-+ h + m q = h out , out in out av, a out in av, l & & Definitions : humidity ratio, mass of water vapor to mass of dry air h av : enthalpy of the air/water vapor mixture per mass of dry air : relative humidity, ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor to the saturation pressure of the water vapor Fall 2007 3...
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Quiz4 - h = m q h in av, a out out av, + &...

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