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Preface - Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using...

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Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using MARC i Preface The primary objective of this book is to guide the student through a variety of engineering analysis experiences using the finite element method (FEM), thereby motivating and assisting the student in learning about the FEM and its applications in solid mechanics and heat transfer. The approach and design of the book are based in part on the premise of problem-based learning, wherein problems serve as both the stimulus and the vehicle for learning. Except for the first two chapters, each remaining chapter focuses on a particular problem to be solved using the FEM. The problems involve a variety of structural types, modeling techniques and analysis methods to insure a rich set of learning experiences. For each problem, a complete analysis procedure is presented, with a strong emphasis on making valid simplifying assumptions and on validating and assessing the finite element results. Additional exercises provided at the end of each chapter are intended to extend and
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