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ME 424 Lab Report Guidelines Lab reports should be typed using a word processor. Equations may be hand-written, if necessary. The line spacing should be 1.5, and the font size should be 12-point. One-inch margins should be used throughout. Figures should be printed on a laser printer, and a white background should be used for model drawings and results. Black and white contour plots (on white background) are acceptable. The lab report format should follow loosely the steps in a good analysis, with the addition of an executive summary and a conclusion. More details are provided below. The typical length of each section is provided. These are recommendations, not limits. Further, these page length recommendations do not include figures and tables. Title Author Date Executive Summary (1/2 to 1 page) The Executive Summary is just what it sounds like – a summary of the entire project that is short and to the point so that even an executive manager will have time to read it. Usually this is all that gets read by management, so it should be written very well.
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ME424.LabReportFormatGuidelines - ME 424 Lab Report...

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