OldExam4 - cycle operating at a pressure of 7.5 kPa. It...

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1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Exam #4 Directions: Open book, open notes. Work both problems. Each problem is weighted equally. Problem 1 An internal combustion engine operates on the ideal Diesel cycle. Consider the second and third processes in the cycle 2nd Process: Constant Pressure Heating 3rd Process: Isentropic Expansion The following operating conditions apply Volume at Bottom Dead Center: 0.4 liters Compression Ratio: 7.5 Cutoff Ratio: 1.7 Pressure of Constant Pressure Heating: 6 MPa Maximum Cycle Temperature: 1900 K Determine a. Work output of these two processes b. Availability of the air after the isentropic expansion Problem 2 Saturated liquid water flowing at 85 kg/s leaves the condenser of a steam power
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Unformatted text preview: cycle operating at a pressure of 7.5 kPa. It then passes through a pump that raises its pressure to 5 MPa which is followed by an open feedwater heater. Steam at 5 MPa and 300 C also enters the open feedwater heater. Determine a. Pump power required b. Mass flow rate of steam into the open feedwater heater. c. Pump power required for a pump isentropic efficiency of 63% ME 201 Thermodynamics 2 Hint for Problem 1 You may wish to include the total volume as a column on your property table. That is, Node T(K) P(kPa) v(m 3 /kg) V(m 3 ) u(kJ/kg) (kJ/kg K) Figure for Problem 2 Pump Condenser Feedwater Heater Steam Input...
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OldExam4 - cycle operating at a pressure of 7.5 kPa. It...

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