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1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Transient System Practice Problems 1. A balloon initially contains 5 m 3 CO 2 at 100 kPa and 22 ° C. It is connected to a CO 2 gas line that provides CO 2 at 170 kPa and 30 ° C. The balloon is then filled to a pressure of 170 kPa. During this process the balloon is insulated and it is observed that the pressure and total volume are related by PV -1 = constant Determine the final temperature and volume of the balloon. 2. A pressure cooker used in cooking has a relief valve that normally opens at about 180 kPa and a volume of 3 liters. Initially, 2/3 of the volume of the pressure
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Unformatted text preview: cooker is filled with liquid. What is the highest heat transfer rate allowed for the pressure cooker not to run out of water in one hour of cooking? 3. A 5 m 3 tank contains saturated liquid R-134a at 1.0 MPa. A small leak occurs and the tank pressure falls to 0.32 MPa before it is sealed. It is determined that the refrigerant remaining in the tank has a quality of 0.3. Determine a. the mass that is discharged b. the heat transfer that occurs...
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