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1 ME 416 Computer Assisted Design of Thermal Systems Psychrometric Chart Example Case T DB ( ° C) T WB ( ° C) h av (kJ/kg of dry air) ϖ (gm/kg of dry air) φ (%) v av (m 3 /kg) 1 14 60 2 28 22 3 21 4.5 4 34 35 Processes Find the change in enthalpy, humidity ratio, and final conditions for the following processes. 1. Isothermal decrease in humidity from dry bulb temperature of 36 ° C and 60% relative humidity to 25% relative humidity. 2. Constant moisture content heating from dry bulb temperature of 23
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Unformatted text preview: C and wet bulb temperature of 20 C to dry bulb temperature of 32 C. 3. Adiabatic addition of moisture from dry bulb temperature of 30 C and humidity ratio of 10 gm/kg of dry air to 100% relative humidity. 4. Determine the temperature at which air initially at 27 C and 80% relative humidity will have condensation occur....
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