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ISP205L Visions of the Universe Laboratory Spring 2006 Course Schedule for Section 2 (Tuesday) Week/Date Weekly Lab (3:00-4:50 Tuesday) In Planetarium except as noted. Homework. SG = SkyGazer Activities from Astronomy Media Workbook. (due at start of lab session the following week) 1. Jan 10 Introduction. The Celestial Sphere. Directions. Star maps. SG-1: Introducing SkyGazer (Due week 3) 2. Jan 17 Star motions during the night. The view from different locations on Earth. Finding your latitude. SG-2: Motions of the Stars SG-3: Celestial Sphere 3. Jan 24 Seasonal motions. Path of the Sun (Analemma, etc.). Seasonal heating. SG-4: Motions of the Sun. SG-5: Ecliptic, Parts 1-3. 4. Jan 31 Long-term motions (precession). Gyroscopes, etc. No homework. Study for Quiz. 5. Feb 7 SKY QUIZ + CLICKER QUIZ SG-8: Precession and Proper Motion. 6. Feb 14 Eclipses. SG-9: Phases of the Moon 7. Feb 21 Inferior & Superior Planets. Motions of the planets (retrograde, etc.).
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