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Paper for the Senator - Receipt #: 45360287 Kelsey Jans...

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Receipt #: 45360287 Kelsey Jans Prof. Parker Ag 101 5/1/07 Paper for the Senator Over the years, Americans have noticed that there is a huge budget deficit and that we need to reduce expenditures. Most people believe that some of the agricultural government programs should be eliminated since our food appears to be safe and that America has plenty of food. However, this is not true, I believe that we should keep at least four programs which can provide a great deal to our country. We should keep these programs since agricultural support programs have been known to raise the total farm income. In the absence of these programs, commodity production would decline, prices would rise, and the mix of crops would change noticeably as these program crop producers decide to shift to different crops.(Shoemaker Par.1) The four government programs that would be considered valuable to keep are: the Target Price Program, the Food Stamp Program, Food Assistance for Disaster Relief Program, and the Team Nutrition Program. The Target Price Program is considered the most important out of all programs since it assists farmers when they are in need due to horrible weather conditions which may damage crops, the rising prices of fuel, and the low milk prices. (Vermont Par.1 ) This program is
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Paper for the Senator - Receipt #: 45360287 Kelsey Jans...

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