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Lesson 9 Emily Dickinson Quiz1. What is owned by the Amherst History Museum, although a replica is on display at the EmilyDickinson Museum?
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2. Where is the Dickinson Homestead?
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3. What war dominated the time in which Emily Dickinson lived?
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4. Some myths about Dickinson suggest thatShe had a secret lover5. Where are the majority of the original books from the Dickinson Homestead located now?
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Unformatted text preview: Harvard and Brown 6. What color was Emily Dickinson's hair? Red 7. How many known poems did Emily Dickinson write? 1789 8. Emily Dickinson used what meter in much of her poetry? Hymn meter 9. The video you viewed from The Republican newspaper about the Dickinson Museum begins with a reading of? A poem 10. Emily Dickinson did write many poems about? Death...
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