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hw-2[1].5 - by importance Use bullets whenever you can...

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Homework Set # 2.5 Homework Due Time/Date: 8:30AM, 13 Mar 2006 CE485, Spring 2006 Student Name : ______________________________________________ (Note: Please attach this page to the front of your completed homework.) ____________________________________________________________________________________ Summarize the key points that you picked up during today’s (22 Feb 2006) site visit at Granger’s Wood  Road Landfill. Organize your response in a logical or methodical fashion (e.g., by landfill component or 
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Unformatted text preview: by importance). Use bullets whenever you can. Avoid long sentences and long paragraphs. You need to type up (in WORD or equivalent) your summary and turn in a hard copy. The HW will be graded not only for technical content but also for organization and presentation. Page 1 of 1 4/25/2009...
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