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Unformatted text preview: This map is useful within an hour of the following local daylight times : Late April Early May Late May 11 pm 10 pm 9 pm NORTH MAY ST=12 Lat. 40N AU RI GA tor Cas \ Pollu x GEM INI Betelg euse M44 ER \ CANC CANIS M INOR LE O Re gu lu s VIRGO Spica HY DR A Al ph ar d CORVUS SOUTH Abrams Planetarium Procyon WEST URSA MAJOR URSA MINOR Big Dipper DR \ ll pe Ca a PE RS EU S CASSIOPEIA Polaris CEP AC HEU O S De ne b LY RA M5 7 UL ES Ve ga HE RC M1 3 CORONA BOREALIS EAST OPHIU CHUS SC P OR IU S SERP ENS LIB RA BOOTE Gemma Arcturu s S ...
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