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CH5 respnse for lowen - Kelsey Jans History 201 Prof...

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Kelsey Jans History 201 Prof. Lamphier A review of James Loewen, “Gone With the Wind” In Lies My History Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American history Textbook Got Wrong (New York:1995) In James Lowen’s Lies My History Teacher Told Me, Loewen discusses how our country had become racist and prejudiced against blacks in particular. Most of our history books have mainly skimmed the surface of the topic of slavery and racism. However, racism and prejudice against blacks was far worse than we could imagine. First of all, the chapter discusses how harsher laws were created in order to keep slaves into slavery, how whites started to envision themselves amongst the blacks and how racism had basically become natural to society, how slaves had caused revolts and influenced the united states, and how white supremacy affected the African Americans. Between 1830 and 1860, slavery had expanded and more people had become racist about slavery. Slavery was seen as a “positive value to the slaves themselves” therefore, Americans began to create harsher laws and new customs. If a person even talked about freeing a slave, it would be considered a felony in some slaveholding states. Northern whites had a different view on slavery, they mainly opposed it. The south and north had much conflict about the issue of slavery which had sparked a war.
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CH5 respnse for lowen - Kelsey Jans History 201 Prof...

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